How to buy Eidoo?

Step 1: Register on Bitfinex

Register on Bitfinex using this link to get 6% off trading fees. No code required, just use the link below to sign up.

Bitfinex Homepage


Step 2: Click on 'SIGN UP' or 'OPEN ACCOUNT'

Bitfinex Sign Up

Alternatively, if you didn't use the link above, you can manual copy this code and use it at sign up jvMiVuUv

Bitfinex Signup with Referral Code

Bitfinex Sign Up with Referral Code


Step 3: Confirm your Email

Bitfinex Email Confirmation

Step 4: Welcome to the Bitfinex trading page

Bitfinex Logged In

Step 5: Deposit some Bitcoin or USD

Bitfinex Deposit

Step 5: Select Trading > EDO > EDO/USD

Bitfinex Menu

Step 6: Select 'MARKET ORDER'.

Bitfinex Eidoo Market Order Selected

Step 7: Enter how many Eidoo you want to buy. No need to select the price, as they will be bought at market price. Click 'Exchange Buy' to execute your buy.

Bitfinex Eidoo Market Order Selected

Step 7: EDO purchase complete. The market order will be instantly filled.

Eidoo Market Order Complete

Here we see that I have bought 2 EDO at 1.9388USD per 1 EDO.

Step 8: You are the proud owner of some Eidoo. Keep it safe.

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