How to manually unlock tokens on DeversiFi?

DeversiFi claims to be the most complete decentralised trading experience.

In the unlikely event that the DeversiFi decentralised exchange goes offline, and users have tokens still locked within DeversiFi, then it will be required for those users to manually unlock the locked balances from the wrappers that DeversiFi was using up until that point.

The process involves interacting with the wrapper via Etherscan in order to unlock your tokens:

**Please note that it is possible to interact with the wrappers via other sites like myetherwallet, but this tutorial will focus on the unlocking method via Etherscan


- A browser with Metamask installed. (If using a Hardware wallet, you'd need to first install Metamask, and then Connect your hardware wallet to Metamask)

- Link to the wrapper contract. Please find below the links to each of the contracts:

MKRW - 0x91cf769a44e9d09b8e249886d0de4dbe0aa998f9
ETHW - 0x50cb61afa3f023d17276dcfb35abf85c710d1cff
USDTW - 0x33d019eb137b853f0cdf555a5d5bd2749135ac31
DAIW - 0x2cd04bb68786834f199ce12074da7b8832129fe1
PNKW - 0x3ad9539c143b335794bac9211aa5491daeda85bf
XAUTW - 0x134c16be1e0f19ce41855b71e0e29fba539728e9
NECW - 0xfe65d1ba9a745b131dad1a066861bb5d9ce4767b
UDCW - 0x0890fbf0f9b3d55a7e3f251b6afcbe691a29873b

Step 1:

Navigate to the appropriate wrapper where your funds are. For this example we'll be using the USDTW contract.
Copy your ETH address where your funds are. Click on the contract tab as shown below:


Step 2: 

Click on the Read Contract button:


Step 3:

We need to get the exact number for the locked balance, so proceed to option 4 - Balances, in the read contract information. Enter in your ETH address and then click query. The exact amount that you have locked will then be shown. Copy this number for the next step. 


Step 4:

Proceed to the Write Contract tab this time. Underneath it should display a red icon with the words 'Write Contract'. Click on the option 'Connect to Web3'. This will connect to Metamask. You will need to sign the message via Metamask to complete the connection. The red icon will change to green once connection to Metamask has been made.


Step 5:

In the second option, Withdraw, enter in the number copied in step 3 into the _value field.  

Proceed to enter the following into the next 3 fields: v = 0; r = 0x0; s = 0x0. 

For the signatureValiduntilBlock field, we need to enter a block number in the future. To find the current block number, navigate to the Etherscan home page, and note the number under 'Latest block':


To ensure that the signature won't time out when interacting with the contract, it's good to add at least 30 blocks to the current block to be on the safe side. So in the example above 9266203 becomes 9266233. We'd then place this number into the signatureValidUntilBlock field. So all together you should have something like this:


Step 6:

Proceed to click on the write button. You'll need to then enter a gas cost. How much gas you enter is entirely up to you, but if it's too low it might go beyond the signature valid time, so it's good to enter in a bit more. To do this click on the edit option in the gas amount section in metamask, then the advanced tab. You can then choose the average or fast option. You then need to accept the amount and click through on your hardware wallet if you are using one. 

Step 7:

Voila! That should be it! After the transaction has processed you will see your updated balance with your tokens successfully unlocked and withdrawn from the wrapper contract. If you have any further queries or are stuck in any way, stop by the DeversFi Telegram..


Hope you found this step by step guide useful, please feel free use any of our referral links found across our website.